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这个宁静的度假村Bilut Hills坐落靠近彭亨州的文东区,郁郁葱葱的山丘中,为旅客提供了一个自然美丽的避风港。

这里有欧式风情屋、石砖屋、玻璃屋、玻璃屋家庭套房、巴厘木屋、Kampung House、英式风情屋、蒙古套房、总统圆顶套房、至尊玻璃套房(都是Villa房型,山顶中的高级别墅)

一个人最低消费RM 245起,包住包吃包玩,超值!可以与家人朋友共度犹如置身世外桃园的美好时光。免费活动包括无边泳池,KTV包厢房,游戏机,桌球,兔子园,果园游览,小河玩水,日本花园,爬山看云海(20分钟到山顶)等等。

另外,付费活动有骑马,骑自行车,射箭,Flying Fox,攀岩 和ATV等等。

想预订或了解配套详情, 可以联系我们哦!我们将尽所能为你分忧~~
+6016-515 1477

【A good place for a holiday - a resort hidden in the durian garden】

In Malaysia, can you also feel the feeling of being in Bali, England, Greece, and Mongolia?

A good place where you can see the invincible mountain view when you wake up, and the feeling of being surrounded by the sea of ​​clouds is really super beautiful and happy~

Nestled in the lush hills near Bentong, Pahang, the peaceful resort Bilut Hills offers travelers a haven of natural beauty.

There are European-style houses, stone-brick houses, glass houses, glass house family suites, Bali wooden houses, Kampung Houses, British-style houses, Mongolian suites, presidential dome suites, and supreme glass suites (all are Villa room types, high-end on the top of the mountain)

The minimum consumption per person starts from RM 245, including accommodation, food and play, super value! You can spend a good time with your family and friends as if you are in a paradise.

Free activities include infinity swimming pool, KTV box room, game console, billiards, rabbit garden, orchard tour, river play, Japanese garden, mountain climbing to see the sea of ​​clouds (20 minutes to the top of the mountain) and so on.

In addition, paid activities include horseback riding, biking, archery, Flying Fox, rock climbing and ATV, etc.

If you want to book or know more about the package, please contact us! We will do our best to share with you.

Pls check rooms or package availability with us first before booking.

Whatsapp us: +6016-515 1477

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