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【就在这里!隐藏版世外桃源度假村 Tadom Hill Resorts】


踏足这里,仿佛来到超棒世外桃源般的度假天堂!这里的特色竹屋在大自然的氛围下让你大开眼界,心情舒爽!所有的房子、房间、桌椅、床架都使用竹子制作的啦! 真的很特别啊!其中有圆弧吊床,客家竹楼,竹屋等多款不同风格的建筑。


此外还有各种娱乐设施任你玩和体验哦!你可以在蓝绿的湖中畅游舒爽,玩泰山秋千,随着竹筏漂流,5米高的竹潜水平台, 越野摩多ATV,飞狐Flying Fox ,射箭,原住民吹箭 , 沿绳垂降 等等。这里也很适合团体旅游 team building各种配套, 也适合家庭或与朋友一起来游玩!制造美好的回忆。


预订前,请whatsapp 016-515 1477 查看供房详情。


Want to get away from the city and go to a place with beautiful scenery and fun? It can be reached in less than an hour’s drive from KL, making it a great place for summer vacation. Originally a village inhabited by the Temuan Aboriginal people, surrounded by a large forest and emerald green lake, it has now evolved into a boutique resort.


When you step here, you feel like you are in a wonderful paradise! The characteristic bamboo houses here will open your eyes and make you feel comfortable in the atmosphere of nature! All houses, rooms, tables, chairs, and bed frames are made of bamboo! It’s really special! Among them are arc hammocks, Hakka bamboo buildings, bamboo houses and many other buildings of different styles.


In addition, there are various entertainment facilities for you to play and experience! You can take a refreshing swim in the blue-green lake, play on the Tarzan swing, raft on the bamboo raft, 5-meter-high bamboo diving platform, off-road motorcycle ATV, Flying Fox, archery, Aboriginal blowing arrows, and rappelling. etc.


It is also very suitable for group travel, team building various packages, and also suitable for families or traveling with friends! Make great memories.


Before booking, pls whatsapp 016-515 1477 to check rooms availability.


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