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2天1夜短暂的假期,可以去哪里玩呢?又可以relax, 放松身心,又可以品尝美食。。。来一场不用花太多钱的旅行吧!


位于著名的宋溪 (Sungkai) 附近,拥有不少值得一游的景点供您趴趴走。


这里有天然的热温泉, 让大家泡个过瘾,非常疗愈,不止这样,想要凉快的话,还可以到冷水池地区玩个够!一冷一热, 肯定让您的肌肉神经得到最大的放松效果哦!其中有一个温泉,特别适合煮鸡蛋,现煮现吃,滋味十足!吃完鸡蛋,可以在这里散散步,看看大自然风景,有一种与世隔绝的感觉呢!


欲知酒店住宿详情 (包括温泉),请whatsapp +6016-515 1477
*购买酒店配套前,请向我们查看房间提供详情, 谢谢。


Perak (Sungkai) 2 days and 1 night, there is also a hot spring paradise here!


Where can I go for a short vacation of 2 days and 1 night? You can relax, and taste delicious food. . . Come on a trip without spending too much money!


Located near the famous Sungkai, there are plenty of worthwhile sights for you to wander around.


There are natural hot springs here, so that everyone can have a good time soaking, which is very healing. Besides, if you want to cool off, you can also go to the cold water pool area to have fun! One cold and one hot will definitely let your muscles and nerves get the greatest relaxation effect!

Among them is a hot spring, which is especially suitable for boiled eggs. You can cook and eat them now, which is full of taste! After eating eggs, you can take a walk here and look at the natural scenery. There is a feeling of isolation from the world!


For hotel booking (include Hot Springs), pls whatsapp +6016-515 1477
*Before booking hotel rooms, pls check with us for the room availability, thank you.

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